Whatsapp Now Has Privacy Settings?

Whatsapp recently released an update which includes privacy settings. Say what? Yes finally they have some form of privacy settings, Whatsapp version 2.11.169 includes this much-needed update! This new option could be found under settings — Account then you will see Privacy.


The new privacy setting covers three aspects:


  • Last seen
  • Profile Photo
  • Status

The options available are:


  1. Everyone
  2. My contacts
  3. Nobody

You are now able to show your profile picture to everyone, only contacts or nobody. This privacy setting gives users an opportunity to hide a few things from the public and only share it with your contacts. Why wasn’t this implemented a long time ago?  One can only wonder. The next privacy option they need to add is deleting a contact breaking all ties. Sometimes the person might still have your number and they could still your Whatsapp profile, or even message you.

Do you have any other privacy ideas that Whatsapp should implement?

You could find the new update here: Whatsapp

This link will take you to the Play store version:




Update: The playstore app was updated today with the new features! Go ahead and get it!


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