Turning on System UI Tuner for Android 6.0

IMG_8174I’ve seen some posts stating that you could turn on this secret feature in Android 6.0 called System UI Tuner however, I could not for the life of me get it to work once I received my Nexus 6p. Come to find out, a step was missing, or should I say a warning: Developer Options cannot be turned on.  If that option is enabled, System UI Tuner will not respond. If you have Developer options turned on you will need turn it off before you can go ahead.

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If you performed this step you could now turn on on System UI Tuner. Swipe the notification bar down twice, or you could use two fingers. Long press the Settings icon until it begins to spin,(about 2-5 seconds), then you release it.

November 4, 2015 115501 PM EST

You will then see the following message displayed letting you know that it was successful:


Upon seeing that message you could scroll to the bottom of the settings options to see the System UI Tuner option :


Go ahead select it you will see a prompt: Fun for some but not for all click GOT IT to remove that prompt.


In the System UI Tuner settings you have a few options:

  • Show battery percentage
  • Change the icons in your status bar (turn them on or off) and
  • Change the icons in the Quick Settings.


You could also turn it off, but you still have to make sure that Developer Options is off. Select the settings icon again long pressing it for at least 2-5 seconds waiting for it to spin, then lift your finger. You will see the following prompt, once you select remove all changes that were made to the UI will be reverted.



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