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With the android platform, one  can use any keyboard that they want (soon iOS users will be getting a taste of that with iOS 8). Having that freedom with a lot of options, makes it enjoyable as one could try as many of them before deciding on “the one”. Today I will give the app of the day to Swiftkey keyboard. I’ve used Swiftkey since early 2011 when they first released the app, and I have been beta testing for a while now also.

Since Android Kitkat’s release, Swiftkey has been beta testing their app with emoji support allowing them to work on their app to make it better. There was a cost to the app, $3.99, but every now and again you could catch a sale and get it for as low as $0.99. With much dedication, Swiftkey released an update yesterday! It  is now free and has themes that cost $0.99 for one or $2.99 for a theme pack of 5. If you purchased Swiftkey before this upgrade you will be happy to know that there is a free theme pack containing 10 themes just for you!

The Theme Store:

_20140613_001318 _20140613_001326 _20140613_001332

Swiftkey introduced a theme store with the new release, allowing you to choose from a variety of theme packs. I have to say that I want them all! I am hoping that they will continue to update the store adding new themes based on user’s requests. This is actually a great move, as there will be no upfront cost to get the app thus enabling more people to get a hold of it.

Emoji Support:


Like the Android Keyboard, Swiftkey keyboard now supports emoji! They’ve been beta testing this feature since the release of Android Kitkat late last year. This keyboard uses the android emojis which makes it even better, as you could now see emojis system wide throughout different apps. Should I say that this is my favorite feature?

Swiftkey Flow: 

Swiftkey Keyboard comes with the ability to swipe your messages without having to lift your finger from the screen. This new release shows improvement on how fast the app processes those swipes. Going from word to the space bar to a punctuation mark is smoother and you are able to do longer strokes. One can get used to this!

Predictions while texting: 

_20140613_071136 _20140613_071858

Swiftkey is famous for its ability to predict text, it learns your typing habits and it predicts which word that you will be typing next. This feature is creepy at first but it comes in handy as you do not have to type out the word, you just have to tap on the option. Words are not the only thing that Swiftkey can predict, it can also predict emojis making it easier to type those out without having to go to the emoji panel. There is also a cloud setting that backs up your words so that it could be on a more personalized level when giving predictions.

Have you tried Swiftkey yet? What are your thoughts on this keyboard? If you haven’t tried it yet go ahead and get it in the Google Play store:



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