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Spotify has been around since 2009 and if you can’t tell I am a big fan of this music service. Spotify released an updated version of the app that is an improvement over the first release. There are many other streaming services out there but I am partial to Spotify because of what it has to offer. Music discovery, keeping up with artists, saving and updating playlists are some of the things that you could do with the Spotify service and app.

Music Discovery:

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Music discovery within Spotify is the number 1 reason why I use this app. You could see what everyone is listening to, you could discover new artists, new bands and new songs. There are recommendations based on what you listen to and even some random ones to peak your interest. People could share music with you, building on that music discovery and your library, bringing you out of that comfort zone and into another atmosphere.

Sharing/Social Media:

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Spotify allows you to share if your favorite social media site or application, this helps with music discovery among friends and circles. You can scrobble to or show your activity on Facebook. You could send your favorite song to your friend via hangouts, email or even Google +.

Following Artists:

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Another great feature is the follow feature. Spotify introduced this a few months ago and this allows you to not only follow your favorite artist but the new artist you discovered recently. Spotify notifies you if the artist has any new music

Offline Listening:

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Spotify is no Google Play Music with the ability to upload 20k songs, you could however, create playlists from your own songs saving them to your device using offline mode. If you have limited data, you could also save your playlists for offline play which also comes in handy when you are out of data range.  Tutorial on how to sync your personal songs as a playlist on your phone is a later post.

Free with Ads:


When Spotify first started you could listen to music on your mobile device if you were a premium user. A few months ago, Spotify decided to let free users listen to music using their mobile device with ads. If you are not a fan of ads you could keep your premium subscription. With the free version you can shuffle your own playlist, a published playlist or your saved music. If would like to play any song at anytime you could become a premium user. You could listen to it on your computer, tablet or mobile device all for free.

Do you use Spotify? Do you enjoy this app? What are some of the features that you use?



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