New Blackberry Messenger Update [Updates]


Blackberry released an update the day before yesterday,  for the Blackberry messenger app that included a list of improvements, more features and some not improvements. I used to own a blackberry years ago, and many of my friends back home use a blackberry. When Blackberry first announced that they were going to release an app on both Android and iOS, I was happy to hear that. Upon the release however, I was a bit disappointed:

  • Emoticons were too small,
  • In order to receive an uncompressed version of a pic you would have to ask for the high-resolution version (not many people know this).
  • The constant notification in the notification bar (I know it’s needed but it’s still annoying).
  • It uses a bit of RAM but that is not much of a problem for me.
  • It doesn’t really follow the Android design guidelines.

The app seemed like it was lacking, nothing about it made it special, it did not seem to have anything that could beat Whatsapp, and I wondered at times what is the point of having this app on my phone.

They decided to introduce somethings into the new app making it a 2.0 release. Will these features change the way we see this app?


In the navigation bar they’ve made changes to the options there, the buttons are larger too. They’ve removed the contacts button and instead they placed buttons seen above.


You now have access to Blackberry Channels, you could up sign up to different artist or pages. There are a few minor bugs and hopefully some fixes are on the way.


You can now make and receive calls from other BBM users. The call was clear, a bit tinny when the other person is speaking though. Placing the call in speaker mode causes the other person to hear an echo but otherwise that is just a minor issue. Like many calls in Android the screen goes black when the sensor covered which is great as you will save on battery life.

The call button works instantaneously though, you’re connected immediately and you begin to hear a dial tone.

 _20140215_153057 _20140215_153111

You can now add a voice note and you have a list of other options in the attachment screen. This feature actually brings it up to par with Whatsapp I must say.

So far these are the only significant changes to the app. The emoticons are still tiny in the chat window, they did them bigger for selecting them though. 2.0 made this app a contender now in my eyes for people who need a chat app. It is not as fancy as hangouts but it works for those who have no love for Google.


Did you notice any improvements to the BBM messenger app?


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