Looking Forward To A Year In Tech [Opinion]

Let’s all say a collective goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with open arms. Though we may not have gotten everything that we wanted in 2013, we can only hope that we receive it this year 2014. My only hope is to become a better person that I was in 2013, to accomplish the many goals I’ve set for myself and the have endless fun and laughter.

For 2014 I am looking forward to a year in tech. I am looking forward to what Moto has to bring to the table and also what the OEMs have to offer. I know that I might like what some of them will have but I have an open mind. The mobile arena has become so saturated, and I am hoping to see them focus on Software vs. Hardware. All these bells and whistles and a horrible software implementation makes buying that phone a waste of money. I would rather have hardware that is not all that but the software makes it into a power house. Moto has done that with the X, Droid line and the G, let’s see if the others will follow. It is time for OEMs to stop competing with Google and try to make the  user experience a better one.

For 2014 I want to see what Chrome OS has to offer with growth. I might jump on board with the Acer C720p (touchscreen) Chromebook, I am itching to. I want to see if Google implements more within Chrome OS. Last year was great, but I am hoping for an even greater year for Chrome OS. I am also looking at Windows Tablets too, yes I have my eyes on them, if  the Android tablet arena does not live up to my expectations this year do expect that I will be purchasing a Windows tablet. Maybe one from the Dell line.

I’ve lost focus on PCs and have somewhat found myself more involved with OSX more. I am hoping to see more improvements to the OS. I loved the Mavericks update!  Being able to see the notification bar on every screen is a plus! I am really looking further into coding I am very interested in it. I was doing some earlier last year but got caught up in different things and so time somewhat just went by? I am hoping that I could start delegating that time for myself.

What are you expectations for Tech this year?



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