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I’ve used Link Bubble for the past few months when it was first released, and I admit I purchased it immediately after trying it for 10 minutes. The concept is great and they are building on it as they continue with the beta channel. This is a simple app that allows you to browse the internet, without having to open a full browser or losing your place within the app that you were using, while trying to browse a link. This is one of the best apps ever created as I find myself using more than the chrome browser that I have installed on my phone.

Link_Bubble_1  Mutli_Link_Bubble  Link_Bubble_Floating

Link Bubble is a web browser, that floats around when you are looking at links from within an app for example Facebook or Google Plus. If you have the pro version you could open as many links as you want. Being that it is a floating browser you could have it at any corner of your phone without it being obstructive or distracting. This makes it easily accessible when you want to view a link.

Link_Bubble_Close_all  Link_Bubble_Save2Pocket  Link_Bubble_Share2

Sharing from Link Bubble is simple, you could to drag to Pocket to save for later or you could click on the share button to share to another application. If you prefer not to save to pocket you could go to settings to use the other application. Closing out from Link Bubble is easy as a flick down to the close all option.


There are a few options in the settings of Link Bubble. You could set it as the default browser or you could choose which apps to share to. You could also protect your privacy by choosing incognito mode or choose to auto expand once the bubble is completely loaded.

Link_Bubble_Stats  Link_Bubble_Stats1

You could also see you stats by clicking on the app itself. It could tell you the total time saved so far using Link Bubble and how many seconds per link.


Link Bubble also has its shortcomings, you can’t watch videos in the app and neither can you select text to copy, keep Google Chrome or your preferred browser handy if you would like to do these actions. Hopefully they will figure a way around it and those minor issues as they continue to beta test the app.

All in all this app is a great app to view links when you do not want to get out of the main app completely. If you just want to see some links you could use this app to do so.

Do you use Link Bubble? What are the thing that  you like about this app?



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