How to Uninstall and Reinstall a Pebble App

Sometimes in beta we get issues such as, the watch face not functioning or we got a new upgrade and  we want to start over.
I am using the Pebble Instant app and watch face and it is in beta at this time. Since he releases updates ever so often I’ve learned to do clean installs when I have an issue.
First let’s go to the app launcher, long press on the Pebble Instant app until you see the option to uninstall, drag the app to that option releasing it so that you could get the prompt to uninstall. Press Ok to confirm.
After removing the app head over to the Pebble App, I am using the beta version of this app which includes the app store: Version 2.0-beta9 as you can see. Select the watch face and then choose the option to unload.
Now that you’ve uninstalled both the watch face and the companion app, we are going to go to the Google Play store to install the app on your phone.  It is good practice to make sure that the app has notification access before attempting to even install the watch face. I usually change the weather from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.
Now that we’ve taken care of the app I am heading over to Google plus community to get the most recent watch face, again I am using the beta app.
Sometimes it is great practice to restart both the phone and the watch when you are doing an update.
If you have any questions you could give me a buzz on Google +.
All of the app information is in the description part of this video.

Pebble Instant:


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