How To Clear The Cache On Your Android Device


Like a regular computer, your phone caches your data for easy retrieval.  Many do not realize that this plays a role in the overall performance of the device and tends to slow the device down as it holds on to all this unnecessary data. There are many ways to get rid of your cache you could do so with 3rd party applications, or you could simply use your computer settings. This short tutorial tells you how to clear your cache off unnecessary data from your phone using your phone’s settings.

1. Go to your phone settings

2. Click on Storage. It might take a while to load your information, but once it does you will see the following.




3. The information that would be safe to remove is your cache. You could select your cache and clear it without any repercussions.



Clearing your cache could help to free up some space on your device:

Screenshot_2014-12-28-20-16-59There are other ways to clear the cache on your phone using apps for example:

a. Clean Master or CCleaner

Do you have other ways of cleaning the cache on your phone or do you hold on to it?


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