How To Change Your Launcher [How-To]


Launchers are one of the unique features of Android, with the KitKat update released last year by Google, they added a new feature to this update. You can now switch between launchers with ease and not have to worry about uninstalling or even changing the app settings. Switching launchers has never been this easy!

There are so many launcher options out there , Themer Beta, Aviate, Nova and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, we all need a change without having to root or go to the extreme. If you have more than 2 launchers on your phone not including the default launcher, it could get rather tedious after a while. You are now able to make the switch right in the settings!

In order to make the changes, Google has allowed a Home setting under the setting section.


Once in the home setting you can choose the launcher you want to use.


You can have more than 1 launcher on your phone if you are a launcher junkie it doesn’t matter and you have no need to go into the app information to clear the default! Thank you Google!


How many launchers do you have? What’s your favorite launcher? Do share!


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