Fixing battery issues with foil

IMG_7185So recently, I decided to turn on my Xbox 360 after getting word that Microsoft will let users watch Netflix and other video apps without having to get a Gold membership. Turned on my Xbox 360, popped in some new batteries into my wireless controller but nothing is happening, my controller is not working!!!! Come on, are you kidding me?!!! I decided to let it rest, but a few weeks later I got up attempting to get it to work again. I searched online (Thank you lawd for Youtube) and found a video on how to fix the issue, and this video gave me a great idea.

Corrosion of terminals tend to prevent electrical devices from functioning. This causes your device to go “dead” and no matter how many new batteries you try it will not work. I had both a remote control and a game controller with the same issue.


Things that you will need:

  • A small piece of foil paper
  • New batteries
  • The affected device
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Q-tip
  • Soft clean cloth

These are the steps that you should take to get this to work.

  1. Pour the rubbing alcohol into a small cup
  2. Wet the Q-Tip with some rubbing alcohol
  3. Clean the corroded terminals getting rid of the excess
  4. Wipe dry with a soft cloth
  5. Fold the small piece of foil into a square or the shape of the terminal.
  6. Insert the new batteries
  7. Make sure that it fits snuggly, with enough to allow the battery door to close.


There and you now have a working remote or controller.

I almost went out to buy a new remote and wireless controller and this little fix saved me!!!

Do you use foil paper for anything else besides cooking that is?


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