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With unlimited data a thing of the past, people are watching their data usage trying not to get those overage fees. Most of the time we only use an app or two, but other apps tend to sneak data on the down low. Some of us are only limited to 2GB of data depending on the plan that we have. T-Mobile offers unlimited data, but with a catch, only a few GB is considered 4G LTE. How do we deal with this issue? There are many ways to control your data usage, following some of these suggestions could help you to keep those overage fees at bay.
Restricting Background Data:
Restricting background data could result in a certain apps not running unless you connect to a wifi network. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram,Gmail and your email app will require a data connection, without that they will not be able to function and so you will be using less data. In order to restrict background data you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Data Usage
  3. Click on the menu to get to the option to select restrict background data.


Turning off Auto Sync

Auto Sync enables certain apps to sync your data, as a result,this causes data usage that you might not see. In order to get those notifications you will have to manually update that app. This helps with the conservation of data and as an added bonus your battery life. In order to turn of Auto Sync you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Data Usage
  3. Click on the menu to get to the option to unselect Auto-Sync Data.

Turning off Mobile Data using WiFi Only
Turning off mobile data and relying on WiFi could reduce the amount of data that you use on your data plan by a significant amount depending on whether or not you are constantly around a WiFi connection. I’ve tried it myself and I can attest that I’ve used less data when I am on WiFi versus my cellular data. In order to turn off Mobile Data you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Data Usage
  3. Select off to turn off mobile data.


Turning off Notifications in Appswpid-20140531_101521-2014-05-31-09-17.jpgwpid-20140531_101532-2014-05-31-09-17.jpg
Some apps such as Facebook or Twitter can refresh on their own, sometimes every 5m minutes depending on the options that you choose. Setting those to manual could benefit you as you will only be refreshing your timeline when you do a manual refresh. This helps with reducing data and also battery life as the app is not always running in the background fetching data.

  1. Go to the app settings
  2. Select either refresh internal or sync interval (this depends on the options available within that app).
  3. You could decide if you want it to be completely off or set it to the higher refresh interval.


Getting used to limited data after being on an unlimited data plan could be tough. Taking some of these steps will help with your data woes, giving you more control over what you actually use. There is an added benefit of increased battery life! Do you have any other tips on using less data?


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