Clean Master [New Update]

12-13-2013 12-29-28Clean master recently updated their app to version 4.0. Due to staged rollouts, (I hate those), I did not receive the update until today. Not only did they change the UI, they’ve also added some other features. I’ve been using Clean Master for over a year and I have to say it practically encouraged my OCD. Having a 16GB Moto X I have about 8.35 GB available after installing my apps. I take pictures constantly and I am always building up cache on the phone.

With Android 4.2 one has the ability to delete cache and other filings that they do not want. What Clean master does is a bit more in-depth. You could do a lot more than just clearing the cache, you have the option to back up your apps, uninstall apps that are making your phone slow and could also remove obsolete apk.

Here is a the change log for this app update:

What’s New
1. Brand new UI and incredible scanning speed for a smooth experience
2. Clean more files than ever before, 30% more compared to similar apps.
3. Now includes the magic floating widget – boost your device at any time
4. Intelligent memory booster, take back your memory
5. Social media privacy management, keep your personal information secure
6. App manager, completely remove unwanted apps
If you would like to give the app a spin you could get click on the link below and it’s free!


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