Changing Keyboards on Your Android Phone [How To]

IMG_7889You now have a new phone and you are so excited that you want to text everyone from this fancy phone. This is a task however, because the keyboard sux and you are having major issues typing out that simple text message. There are many options available in terms of keyboards just to name a few: Google Keyboard, Swype Keyboard, Fleshy and SwiftKey keyboard, some are free while some are paid apps. I am using SwiftKey keyboard and I have no issues using it all, changing from the stock android keyboard has never been simpler.

You could change your keyboard in many ways. You could install a new  keyboard or you active an existing keyboard through the settings.

Activating through the settings: 

So you want to change your keyboard through the settings of your device. You could follow these simple steps that would help you to change your keyboard.

1. Go to your settings pull down the notifications bar, click on settings:


2. Go to Personal and Language and Input:


3. You could then select the keyboard that you would like to use:


Activating through the Notification Choose Input Method:

Sometimes you could change keyboards quickly by using the choose input method. You do not have to go through the settings and it’s fast and easy.

1. Pull down the notification bars pick choose input method:


2. Select the keyboard you would like to switch to and select set up input methods:

Screenshot_2015-01-01-16-25-213. You’re ready to go:


Using the Keyboard setup:

Some keyboards make it easier and they help you with the installation process. Swiftkey once installed, has a step by step guide on activating their keyboard on your phone making it the default keyboard for as long as you like.

1. Swiftkey allows you to enable their keyboard within the app:

Screenshot_2015-01-01-16-27-082. Then select the select the keyboard as the default:


Once you select your input method, you will be able to customize your Swiftkey Keyboard to your liking.

Go ahead give it a try!

en_generic_rgb_wo_60 Android Keyboard

en_generic_rgb_wo_60 Swiftkey Keyboard


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